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Melhor Jovem 

Creative and Design Lead

2013 - 2017

Brand and UX design for one of the biggest and most innovative social programs initiated by IADB and Government of the State for Rio de Janeiro to provide opportunities for young people in favelas

multiple-devices-mockup-scene@2x (1) 2.p

The new brand identity plays with multiple colored paths that intersect and transform to represent the diversities

CMJ UI KIT 1-12.png

Comprehensive brand identity system for sub-projects and activities of the Programm

"The new website project focus on young people language."

The new design of the website aims to focus on a younger demographic

The brand narrative is designed to encourage collaboration and participation: photos and stories throughout all artefacts are from real participants

Eu faço meu caminho
novo site-15.png
novo site-20.png

Young residents in Favelas act as multipliers of the Program and encourage engagement from new participants

Visual artifacts explain the stages of the Program in a playfully way

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